The story begins 32 years back; it was the period of darkness, total darkness. Emergency was promulgated all over country. Fundamental rights were suspended. Political leaders of every stature were pushed behind bars. No appeal no revision. Complete silence was on the face of millions of people.
Not only teachers but parents also play an important role in personality development of the children and prove themselves as good parents. Progress of Navankur is a indication of valuable suggestions and leading co-operation of the citizens of Ganj Basoda. They motivate their children in every way of life.

There is an unending list of local residents and guardians who are joining hands together to uplift the standards of Navankur. Navankur specially salutes and pays thanks to all of them.

HSSC Merit 2010

Ku. Sameeksha Jain
10th Position in State Merit

Ku. Deepali Arya
1st Position in District

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Other Achievements
Quiz TV Show
SCIMIND India, Delhi

Manish Dubey
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